About Our Company

Our History

Our company has been managing claims for all types of companies, municipalities and Fortune 500 insurance companies.  Our goal is to reduce the human resource burden on fleet companies by handling all reporting, appraising, record gathering and claim closure for your losses.  Our knowledge of the insurance claims industry enables our company to obtain a claim settlement faster and with fewer issues than in-house handled claims.

For more information, contact our office and a staff member will schedule a consultation appointment. During the consultation we will discuss how we can help you make your losses more manageable.

Below is a list of some of our clients throughout our history.

Our Founders

Matt Zabelle

President / Co-Founder

Matt Zabelle is our President and CFO. He oversees all the financial decisions of the firm and has experience in business financials for over 30 years. As a Co-Founder of Hawkeye Claims, he has worked every aspect of the business and has extensive knowledge in all areas, thus making him a valuable asset in the industry.

Charles Caravella

Vice President / Co-Founder

With over 25 years of experience, Charlie Caravella is one of the industry’s experts in exotic vehicles, heavy equipment and cranes. He has adjusted claims for many Fortune 500 companies and several government agencies.  He is and industry leader and a backbone to our firm. 

Claims Management

Vehicle accidents and other claims are labor-intensive and frustrating to handle.  We will handle your claims from beginning to end assuring you get the maximum settlement.

Salvage Sale

Need to sell a vehicle or heavy equipment that is damaged or just removing it from the fleet?  Let us obtain bids from our extensive nationwide list of aggressive buyers.

Insurance Claim Adjusting

We have experts in the field assessing damages to Auto, Logistics, Heavy Equipment, Cranes, Oilfield and more who will handle your claims professionally and accurately.