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What is Diminished Value?

Diminished value can be defined as the difference between the value of something prior to an event or usage and the value after. As for your vehicle after a collision, the Diminished Value is the difference in the market value from prior to the loss and after the vehicle is repaired. No matter how good a vehicle repair is completed, there is almost always a diminishment in value after damages from a collision loss.

What is you car worth after collision repairs?

In many cases, insurance companies will pay you for the lost value of your vehicle after a collision loss and subsequent repairs. We can help you determine how much value your vehicle lost as a result of the accident and see if you qualify for a diminished value claim.


Use the DV Claim form for to the right to send us a message to see if your loss qualifies for insurance company reimbursement.

Will an insurance company really pay me for the Diminished Value?

Yes. There are some qualifications for a claim for diminished value to be paid, but in most states diminished value is a recognized loss under the state statutes and/or case law.

Trying Times

We understand that after a car accident that things can get stressful for a person or a business. What do I do first? Did any get injured? How will this affect my insurance? How long will the repairs take? Will my car ever be the same? How will this impact my daily schedule? A person can feel alone and confused after such a traumatic event. As claims experts, you can call our office and we will guide you through the process. Just because we are not handling your claim, doesn’t mean we cannot help you.

Call today and one of our team members can help you.

Diminished Value Qualification

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