Benefits of Our Risk Management for Municipalities

  • We are a vetted government vendor 
  • Fast and accurate appraisals and reporting
  • Nationwide coverage ensuring your municipality is covered by our staff
  • Proprietary software for real-time claims tracking
  • Vehicle tracking and telematic units available
  • Sale of out-of-service vehicles and equipment, including salvage sales
  • Our claim handlers are not just experts in passenger vehicles, but everything from emergency vehicles to cranes   

Our office is staffed with some of the most experienced adjusters in specialty equipment claims.  While most risk management and third party adjusting companies may be capable of handling your daily standard vehicle claims, they are often in crisis mode when equipment like tub grinders, walking excavators and cranes are presented to them for appraisal and adjustment.  Often the client is unaware of this internal struggle by most providers, but they receive a final product that is not settled in the most cost effective manor.  Having the right vendor can save tens of thousands on a single claim.  Are you certain your vendor is experienced enough for your type of claims?


Whether you are handling your claims in-house or outsourcing them, our company can supply service with better communication, faster service and reduced overall claim costs.  Call our office now for more information.